About  me

My knowledge as a supervisor or coach for many organisations and individuals has been built through years of experience. The science-based format of supervision that I employ can be used in all organisations and enterprises.

of my advisory work is both, the individual person in his work environment and the dynamics in the working groups, teams or organisations.

of my consulting work is to re-establish or to preserve in a collective  performance
• a trouble-free, efficient and goal oriented workflow,

• greatest possible personal satisfaction with and in the workplace,

• assistance for the mutual support for team, department or group,

• the ability to work as individuals, teams or organisations.

• Deutsche Gesellschaft für Supervision e.V., DGSv

• International Association for Consulting Competence e.V., IACC

• Deutscher Fachverband für Psychodrama e.V.

  • Psychodrama Leader
  • Mediation for Organizations’
  • Hospice work and palliative Care

• psychosocial fields of activity,

• for nursing services: working as assistance at home, stationed in hospital or nursing home

• commercial service enterprises

• public administration


In the field of consulting, supervision encourages the professional reflexion of the professional roll and the professional behaviour at the level of the individual, the team and the organisation.

Supervision is a fixed-term professional contract of consulting. It serves to maintain or improve upon the quality of work both for your organisation and for your clients.

I offer an adequate space for reflexion in the supervision for colleagues in social professions as team-/ group or individuals.


I offer professional consulting for executives and persons who are preparing for a leading position. Coaching assists the development of skills that lead to increased opportunities.

Productivity and quality of a department, association or the business of one’s own, depends among other things of individual factors. Coaching will assist you to find out the ability of the executive, the instrument of leadership, the own person, to perceive and to engage for it.

I offer Coaching for all who wants to enhance their professional position and role such as

  • Individuals in leading positions,
  • Freelancing and self-employed person,
  • Individuals in politically responsibility